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So Skinny Legs

So Skinny Legs

Size: 6 oz

Tan, Tone, and Tighten with So Skinny. This unique dark bronzing hot leg formula is designed specifically to target cellulite prone hard to tan areas as it rubs in smooth improving skin tone with rich, dark, golden color. Powerful skin firmers help leave skin looking firm and more tightened.

With this hot leg bronzing creme you will sprint by those chubby chasers as we take your legs from flab to fab. Dark Bronzing blend with the power of DHA delivers gradual natural looking color that continues to develop after UV exposure for a deeper, darker, longer lasting tan. Skin Stimulators increase surface circulation that helps target cellulite while creating a hot tingling sensation.

Tan Maximizers helps amplify the skins natural melanin production, taking your tan to the deepest level. Triple Action firming formula improves collagens rejuvenation which helps reduce the appearance of cellulite. Skin renewing conditioners help replenish essential moisture to promote healthier cell function for softer, smoother skin that is more toned. Shave Minimizers help inhibit hair growth for softer smoother legs. Paraben Free.

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