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Size: 13.5 oz

Chroma the purity or intensity of color. This ultra advanced black bronzer is an exquisite development in the pursuit of perfect color.  Intensely developed and lovingly crafted, Chroma utilizes an optimum blend of cosmetic and performance DHA bronzing for instant color that crescendos into a stunning, deep bronze. This purity of color is further embellished with an Argan and Coconut Body Butter blend for exquisite skin conditioning and firming.  Your body art is an investment also to be coddled, as tattoos shine bright and rich. Chroma's perfection of bronze is a rare luxury deserved by all, yet experienced by a lucky few.

  • Ultra Advanced Instant 200X Black Bronzer is perfection in the purity of color
  • An Argan and Coconut Butter Blend firms and tones for a breathtaking body
  • Body ink is embellished with tattoo enhancing technology

Fragrance: Coconut Cake with Peach Schapps

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