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12 Designer Skin Packets Grp3

12 Designer Skin Packets Grp3

Size: 4 of Each

Oasis Da Noite Bronzer Packet 

8X Paradise Bronzer
Costa Chic Blend + Exotic Blue Passionflower

  • 8X Paradise Bronzing Blend features DHA and Caramel to enhance dark color development
  • Costa Chic Blend contains Agave Extract with a fusion of moisturizing ingredients for a hydrated glow with a nongreasy, matte after feel
  • Blue Passionflower, known for its vibrant petals and beneficial properties, helps to provide a soothing experience to skin

Fragrance: Mango Colada


CONFESSIONS 20X Hypoallergenic Bronzer Packet

Alluring 20X Hypoallergenic Bronzer 

Bare All Blend

Sweet Temptation Complex

  • 20X Bronzer features custom blended DHA, fortified with deep hues, for instant color and a darker, longlasting bronze
  • Bare All Blend works to optimize color application by creating a smooth foundation on skin for vibrant results and a flawless finish
  • Sweet Temptation Complex provides a blend of energizing and fortifying agents to help deliver a tightened and lustrous look 
  • Hypoallergenic formula is specially designed for sensitive skin and formulated with gentle skinloving ingredients

Fragrance: Peaches & Cream


Designer Skin STAR CROSSED Dark Tanning Intensifier Packet

Mystifying Dark Tanning Intensifier
Fifth House Fusion
Celestial Glow Complex

It’s the year of the babe! The new moon is rising, and the stars have aligned to bring a cosmic glow. Prepare for the perfect constellation of color with this mystifying dark tanning intensifier for a divine bronze. Find your crystal horizon as the Fifth House Fusion immerses skin in pure luxury and the Celestial Glow Complex enlivens for a radiant renewal. Fire, water, earth or air –no matter the sign, dark color is written in your stars! 

  • Mystifying Dark Tanning Intensifier combines a blend of premier oils to help transport light and promote a natural, luminous glow
  • Fifth House Fusion blankets skin in a cushioning, lightweight layer of hydration as it works to defend against free radicals
  • Celestial Glow Complex features Pure Caffeine and Allantoin designed to revitalize and invigorate skin for a radiant, glowing result

Fragrance: Vanilla Soufflé 

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