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Sun Buzz

Sun Buzz

Size: 13.5 oz

You know that feeling when you're tanning, your stress melts away, and you reach a perfect state of “sun buzz”? This 100XXX Bronzer is all about reaching that enlightened state of tanning & perfect color. An exclusive EverBlack™ AntiFade Complex provides longer lasting bronze long after the skinspanking tingle adds to your buzz and invigorates the senses. Rich skinconditioning ingredients pamper & soothe your skin, because tomorrow you'll want to do it all again.

• 100XXX EverBlack AntiFade Bronzers provide epic ultradark results.
• A wicked hot tingle rush gets your buzz going!
• Advanced skin conditioning ingredients improve the appearance & feel of your skin.

DHAFree, ParabenFree

Orange Zest Vanilla Fragrance

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