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12 Hempz Packets

12 Hempz Packets

Size: 4 of Each

Hempz Natural Bronzer Packet

Bronzer/Hemp/Organic Natural Bronzer Tan Maximizer is a naturally derived tanning system that stimulates dark tanning results. Contains 100 pure, organic hemp seed oil that hydrates and nourishes skin.

Hempz 20x Bronzer Packet

20X Bronzer Tan Maximizer contains dark bronzing blend of DHA sunless bronzers to darken skin after UV exposure for color that lasts up to eight days. 100 pure, organic hemp seed oil hydrates and nourishes skin.


Hempz 25x Black Bronzer Packet

93 percent Naturally Derived Enriched with Pure Organic Hemp Seed Oil Paraben Free, Gluten Free, 100 percent Vegan If you are a dark tanning natural, this herbal indulgence is just what youve been looking for.

Enriched with an ultra advanced blend of dark DHA sunless bronzer, 100 percent Pure Organic Hemp Seed Oil, skin nourishing organic plant extracts and essential antioxidants, this ecologically advanced 25X Black Bronzer promotes deeper darker color and increases the life of your tan. Providing luxurious skincare and exceptionally darker tanning results that are 93 percent naturally derived and 100 percent guilt free.

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